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Friday, November 16, 2012

UTL, elite materials trade company Jobs Scam. Vacancies available - United Kingdom Scam



UTL, elite materials trade company, is currently looking for administrative support/sales support employees in the UK.This position is based on the brand-new method of working schedule planning which means that you will be given certain tasks daily, weekly or monthly depending on the current workload.Optional Working Conditions: UTL is ready to offer better wage packages for candidates who have experience of creating and running your own business.Duties: Basically you are required to give all the necessary assistance to the Organization.s Sales Dept. managing correspondence, writing financial reports, processing purchase orders etc.    Working Schedule: You can choose either to work full-time 8 hours/day or part-time 3 hours/day     Remuneration: For both part-time and full-time positions we provide fixed salary $450/week . part-time and $850/week full-time + you earn 5% commission successfully secured bargain    Location: Our company introduces innovative working approach . Virtual/Home office which means that all the work is performed online.    You are required: You must have a computer or laptop, Internet access, pre-installed Microsoft office. Previous managing/customer support experience is desirable.Initial payments: There are NO payments presupposed for our freelancers.All payments connected with this job are covered by the company.    Further Hiring Process: If this job seem to be interesting for you, please send us your actual resume. In case if you get approved you.ll be contacted within 2 days and offered to go through a paid trial period. During this trial period you will be getting assistance and online support while getting working experience and being paid. At the end of the trial period you will be offered further employment, extension of the trial period or termination depending on your results. Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions concerning this position:christofer.ticks@gmx.com

Sincerely,UTL Team

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