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Oil marketing investment scam by ABDUL H. UMAR - Don't Trust it's a scam

Here is an example of the scam mail from  <> 
Attention: Dear Friend,
I wish to introduce you to this highly prospective crude oil sale and refining venture. I propose that we may become partners in a crude oil & Petroleum products sales project under the umbrella of the West Africa Petroleum & Oil Marketing Agency. In this project, we will register either your company as our partner or a joint company with the local Corporate Affairs Commission; re-assign an already allocated crude oil & Petroleum products sale license to the company and act as representative of the Petroleum Agency in selling of crude oil & Petroleum products to the end buyers.
During this periodical review some of the companies now could not actualize their dream in the project as a result of incapability. So their licence have been frozen and declared vacant. I will package you as the crude oil & Petroleum products sale partner beneficiary. We would re-assign the license earli…