Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of Ikorodu village Orphanage. We say greetings to you and your family or establishment as the case may be.

Ikorodu village Orphanage is based on the southern part of Nigeria,Lagos State to be precise and have been in existence for more than 12 years.Since the start of this Orphanages,we have grown to be of great influence to the general public,We now have a Basic Hospital for the health of people in our Region,a School have also been attached and also a Football Club to keep people out of danger and make them busy with good life.

We have also been giving donations to other Orphanages,Less Previlege and the Physically challenge by giving the little that we can get from our Orphanage.The reason for this mail now is to inform the General public about what we have done so far and also to let them know of what we plan to do in the days ahead.We are now seeking the General public assistance and aid to make donations to assist the scheme that we have been projecting.

We seek donations from people/churches/organisations all over the world that will also assist this people,The less previlege,The Motherless Babies Home,The Orphanages and also the Physically challenge.We are requesting that if you are interested in making any donation to help this scheme,Do inform us and we shall get back to you with more details on how you can send your donation.

Be informed that this is a help development scheme,we dont need to inform you that this is not a SCam,this is indeed a genuine help assist scheme.

A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Kindly offers a helping hand to
the needy,No amount is too small.Please let us know how much you are willing to donate so that we can send you the information you will need to make donation.

Please respond if you wish to assist this scheme and we shall get back to you with what have to be done.

Send us a reply mail if you wish to make any donation/assistance to help the Orphanage,and we shall get back to you with more details.

Awaiting to hear from you soonest.

Dr Samuel Okon.