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Sunday, September 18, 2011

FRAUD deal - medicinal and food supplement.

Dear Brother,

I am 65Yrs old Indian based in Ghana. Our Company, which is involved in the rearing of thoroughbred Horses and other exotic Pets, is seeking a particular medicinal/food supplement.

The company used to get the supplies from China until three Months ago when the supplying Company encountered problems with ours due to non-performance of the existing Contract.

Last Week, I got information from China that the Product is sold in India and I have inquired to confirm it positively. Now I need you as a fellow Indian to partner with me and buy the Product from the dealer in India, then sell to our Company at a higher rate on Cash & Carry basis. I need to stress here that there's no risk involved and it's not against anyone but simple transaction, in your offer you can insist that the transaction be done only in India, not CIF, FOB, etc. The Company just buy from you and handle their own shipping.

From my inquiry, the selling price in India is twice lower than the price that we usually buy from China, this means that we have great opportunity for huge profits depending on how you're able to deal with the Company. At my age I should be retired and I think this opportunity as consolation from the Creator.

If you are interested, do contact me for further details let me have your phone number so that we may converse.

Best wishes

Suresh Sharma

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