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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eco bank of Africa Mrs Mari Ali gold and diamond export scam


My name is Mrs Mari Ali i am from (Russian) resident and company in Burkina Faso west Africa as a business woman dealing with gold and diamond export, but for some years now i have been suffering from ovarian cancer disease, for my greatest surprise the doctor says that i only have a shoot period of some hours to live on earth just imagine, in the other hand is a very pity to my soul after my manual labour.

Now that i am about to end up the race like this without any members of my family no child to take care of my heritage my mind is not at rest, for this reason you must not betrayed my spirit and soul as soon as you take out this capital from the (ECOBANK) custody, because i am writing you this letter with tears and sorrow through the help of my laptop computer beside my sick bed room.

I have 3 Million US Dollars in Bank Africa Development (B.A.D) here in Burkina Faso , wish i have already instructed the (B.A.D) to give St Andrews Missionary Home in Burkina Faso as a support facilitate and i also have 4. 5 Million US Dollars at (ECOBANK) here in Burkina Faso presently as well, and i instructed the (ECOBANK) to transfer this amount of capital to any foreigner that apply in my name after i have gone to released the riches to the person.

Please i beg you with the name of God almighty to make sure you take 50% out of this total amount of capital to the orphanages home in your country and survive with the remaining 50% so that my spirit and soul should be at rest in heaven with almighty God.

Above is the bank email address, i am advising you to contact the bank straight away through this giving email address for the released of the money to you, please do as i told you and i wish you good luck and success.


Goodbye forever.

From. Mrs Mari Ali.

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