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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fake business proposal from horsemanvet

Our company is in search of a liquid which is
used to prepare feed as a food supplement for
animals especially Sub Saharan Horses and
Cows and this liquid is only produced in your
country. Our company had a procurement officer
who normally came to your country to purchase
the chemical from a local dealer there in your
country but unfortunately we lost the
procurement officer as he died some few
months ago. But i personally know where our
procurement officer used to purchased the
chemical in your country because i have found
out from one of the receipts which was issued to
him when he last came to purchase the
chemical before his untimely death of which my
director does not know about this.

If you are interested I will forward the full
contact of my director to you, so that you can
contact him and tell him that you are a
supplier of the product.

After you are through with my director, I will still
give you the contact of the local dealers i know
of in your country for you to negotiate with them
and buy from them as well and sell to my
director at a very high price. The local dealer is
selling the chemical at the rate of $8,500
dollars per 1 gallon and my boss will buy it from
you at the rate of $15,000 dollars per 1 gallon
so after that, yourself and myself will share the
profits you will make from my boss.

I would want you to be an agent to our company
in your country so that you and i will be sharing
the profits that you will be making from Our
company. But as an employee in this company,
i would not want my director to know i am
involved with any transaction concerning Our
company and you because it is against the
policy of the company.

Let me hear from you so that i can give you the
contact of my director to contact him. also i
would like to know how we will be sharing the
profits that you will be earning from our
company. My director will be needing 200-500
gallons and in each gallon will fetch us a profit of
$6,500 multiplied by the 200 or 500 gallons that
my director is going to purchase and from there
you will know how much profit that we are going
to make from the transaction.

If your sharing with me is ok by me, i will
proceed to give you the contact of my director
and that of the local dealers in your country.

I wait for your reply in my private email:

Andy Ojei
Our company web http://www.horsemanvet.net

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